Slutty Yet Neat-Looking Schoolgirl’s Fellatio Cumdump Burp Course!


CV: Soramame

RJ Code: RJ211250

Mirror (not always available)

~Fellatio & Burps~ [approx. 12 min]
This slutty yet neat-looking schoolgirl burps after swallowing.

~ Fellatio & Burps Pretending a Pig ~ [approx. 10 min]
She pretends to be a pig vulgarly to give fellatio.

~ Consecutive Fellatio ~ [approx. 27 min]
She makes you cum three times consecutively.

~ Side Story Burps About Your Ear ~ [approx. 8 min]
She burps close to your ear (binaural)

~ Side Story Snorts and "pew pew" whispers ~ [approx. 2 min]
Listen to her her snorts and "per pew (sound of ejaculation)" whispers.

Total playback time: approx. 59 minutes
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