Chivalric Order of the Extreme Masochists’ Bundle #1


CV: Minto Mito, Yuuri Amane, Aya Kuchitani

RJ Code: RJ240355 (RJ236632, RJ238352, RJ238988, RJ239071, RJ239363, RJ240145)

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This is a bundle containing Chivalric Order of the Extreme Masochists' previous works.

Titles Included:
"Found by a classmate to be a cumdump (RE236632)"
"Track & Field Girl's Jerk-off Instruction (RE238352)"
"Pleasuring Torment by Tanya (RE238988)"
"Fapsupport for Practical Use - Nurse's Hypnosis, Verbal Abuse and Drugging (RE239071)"
"Whipping Lesson to Ejaculation - Teaching how to cum as a miserable masochist (RE239363)"
"Little Sister's Harsh Bub-Me Sexual Domination (RE240145)"

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