Succubus Girl Misa’s Virgin Man Eating


CV: Yuki Usagi

RJ Code: RJ230432

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Succubus Girl Misa's Virgin Boy Eating

One night, Misa pops out of a PC screen that a man was looking at.
Misa tells him that she is a succubus and shows up in front of a virgin 
man when she senses virginity through her adult website.

Her purpose is to suck up virgin men's strong libido
in a sexual way using her spells related to sex...

8 tracks / Total playback time: 01:14:24

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台本 / Script


2 Replies to “Succubus Girl Misa’s Virgin Man Eating”

  1. No One

    I love succubus but I can’t stand when her voice sounds like a child. What a shame since I bet thouse works would be great otherways. Well, I guess there are people unlike me who do acutally like this kind of voice.


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